OptimisSport: About Us

Parent company OptimisCorp is a diversified healthcare technology and service provider that facilitates the delivery of high quality care and promotes healthy and active lifestyles. Our company was developed by renowned experts in the medical field including physical therapists, physicians, psychologists and registered dietitians to the science of health, movement and function. OptimisCorp works to improve the consistency and quality of care by providing health care professionals with groundbreaking technology platforms.

OptimisCorp is comprised of two divisions: Clinical Services and Software & Business Services

Clinical Services

We own and operate 47 physical therapy outpatient clinics within our Clinical Services division. This division was designed to provide the highest level of care for patients through the use of our software, in addition to providing a foundation to capture practical, evidence-based feedback for product design, implementation, and service offerings.

Software and Business Services

OptimisCorp developed OptimisPT, a B-to-B technology for physical therapists that offers an integrated, end-to-end, web-based solution, including documentation, scheduling, billing, and compliance intelligence.

OptimisSport builds off the success of the clinical components of OptimisPT and is a turnkey solution for physical therapists to offer services beyond rehab and recovery into wellness and performance. As experts in movement and function, physical therapists customize programs for a client's specific needs, ensuring a premium level of care.

Our compliance expertise is comprised of experts Helene Fearon and Dr. Stephen Levine. This service offers documentation, coding, and billing compliance expertise to physical therapy practices. Understanding the need to balance the business side of rehabilitation with high standards of delivering quality health care, Fearon & Levine produces educational and training materials to solve each client's complex practice management problems, and assists in developing effective long-term strategies.

OptimisSport Branded Events was developed to motivate and inspire healthy, active lifestyles while also educating the public about the ability of physical therapists to lead the way in wellness. Our Annual Distance Swim Challenge, a non-profit event with proceeds supporting the American Lung Association in California, is made up of multiple distances and relays, and is designed to be accessible to participants of all levels. Find out more about our Distance Swim Challenge.

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