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The focus of OptimisPT is to guide therapists to assist their clients in managing common musculoskeletal disorders and improve their movement and function while performing household, community, and occupational tasks. OptimisSport builds upon this foundation and guides therapists to assist their clients to improve their movement and performance of fitness, recreational, and sport-related activities. Physical therapists are movement specialists so the Performance enhancement component of OptimisSport is right in their sweet spot. Embedded within OptimisSport will be videos of exercises and drills that assist with designing neuromuscular reeducation and skill building programs to progress individuals to either return to high-levels of sports participation or to build on their current level of fitness and sports performance.

Jerry Rice

NFL Hall of Fame Wide Receiver

Cutting maneuvers requires quick directional changes to be performed with good balance and form. Jerry Rice demonstrates flashes his hall of fame form as he performs single limb diagonal hops, a drill to that can be used to help prevent ankle and knee injuries.

Julie Foudy

U.S. Women's Soccer Captain 1991-2004

Non-contact ACL injuries are common among female soccer players. Julie Foudy, former captain of the World Cup Champion, US Women's Soccer Team, demonstrates several drills with high levels of evidence to decrease the incidence of ACL injuries that OptimisSport uses can teach to their soccer playing clients.

Chris Paul

4-time NBA All-Star

Strong trunk and hip muscles are essential for safe and effective deceleration during sports such as basketball. Decelerating from a full speed sprint or landing from jump can induce trauma to the lumbar spine, pelvis, knees or ankles if performed with poor alignment and mechanics. As an OptimisSport user, you can use drills based on biomechanical science to help teach athletes how to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury while decelerating and landing. For example, OptimisSport users can design rehab programs using drills demonstrated by Chris Paul for your post-surgical knee patients who desire to safely return to sports, including playing hoops.

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